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Copacabana is a small town on the southern shore of Lake Titicaca, and our first stop in Bolivia on our Latin American adventure. Copacabana is generally the more favored destination for backpacker’s who want to explore Lake Titicaca. Copacabana is believed to mean “View of the lake” in Aymara and Copacabana is the patron saint……. Read More »

Lake Titicaca is the world’s highest navigatable lake at 3,800m above sea level. It spreads across two countries; Bolivia and Peru and the question for a lot of backpackers is; where to visit Lake Titicaca from? Peru or Bolivia? We too had this dilemma and in the end, we researched extensively without ever convincing ourselves…….. Read More »

If I was asked before leaving on our grand adventure through Latin America – What place are you looking forward to visiting the most? – the answer would have undoubtedly been Cusco. The oldest living city in the America’s and, of course, capital to the Inca civilization from the 13th to the 16th centuries. As……. Read More »

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