Central America


San Blas Islands – Fun on Deserted Islands

The Darien Gap. Impassable rainforest located on the border between Panama and Colombia. For years this pristine rainforest has been a haven for drug cartels and guerrillas. So when you want to go from Panama to Colombia, how can you cross this impassable “gap”. Every backpacker knows there are two […]


San Juan del Sur – Is it Love or Hate?!

Our last stop in Nicaragua was San Juan del Sur. Some may know it for Sunday Funday others a base to go surfing or beach hopping but we didn’t really rate this place. It for us is a town where tourism has happened with a negative impact. If you walk […]


Panama City Travel Guide

Panama City is the capital and largest city in Panama and has a population of around 1 million. It is probably best known for the Panama Canal and also the fact that it has a high rise skyline, something missing throughout Central America. How to get to Panama City We […]


Bocas Del Toro – Backpacking Paradise or a Sham?

Bocas del Toro was our first introduction to Panama and it is located conveniently close to the Costa Rica border. They are an archipelago of islands on the Caribbean coast of Panama. Its main selling point is that it offers beaches and a cool Caribbean party vibe. Carnival Parade in […]

Costa Rica

Puerto Viejo – Costa Rica’s Caribbean Gem

Costa Rica is a well known travel destination throughout the world. Lush rainforests full to the brim of wildlife, adventure sports galore, and gorgeous beaches on both the Pacific and Atlantic coast make this the most visited country in Central America by far. We have been here before, taking 2 […]


Ometepe Island Travel Guide

Ometepe is a volcanic island located in Lake Nicaragua. The island is almost shaped like the figure 8, with the towering and active Volcan Concepción to the north and the cloud forest covered Volcan Maderas to the south. For me it conjured up images of mystery and intrigue – an […]


Granada – A beautiful colonial city

Granada captured our hearts quiet easily on arrival with its colourful facades and ease of finding somewhere to eat. Yes, this does become very high on requirements when dealing with hanger and sun! It really is a beautiful, picturesque, colonial city which keeps you enthralled. There are a good few […]


Our top things to do in León

León is a city that gets on with life with or without you which is why we really liked it. There are lots of tourists but the city retains its authenticity. It gets really hot here so use it as an excuse to get a smoothie or two. We did […]


Copan – The final Mayan Ruins

Honduras is a country that divides opinion. Some think it is extremely dangerous, full of warring gangs looking for their next victims. Others see a country of great beauty, rugged wilderness and fantastic diving opportunities. Us? We thought of Honduras as an opportunity to explore a country which hadn’t been […]

Central America, Guatemala

Our 6 week adventure in Guatemala!

We spent 6 wonderful weeks in Guatemala in Nov\Dec 2017. The culture, colour and friendliness we experienced made Guatemala one of our favourite places to visit. There is much poverty in the area but yet the people seem happy and are very welcoming. Yes you may get scammed, 65Q for […]

El Salvador

Hiking Santa Ana Volcano

Santa Ana is El Salvador’s second largest city and these days it attracts quite a few tourists. The reason for the hike in tourism is due to it’s accessibility to the aptly named Santa Ana Volcano. The top of the volcano! The Santa Ana Volcano is El Salvador’s highest (2400m) […]


Xela – a home away from home!

Quetzaltenango, or as its more commonly known Xela, was our home away from home for 2 and a half weeks in Dec 2017. Xela is the second largest city in Guatemala and one of the best destinations to learn Spanish as you get a true immersion in Guatemalan culture and […]

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What to do on La Ruta de las Flores

La Ruta de las Flores (The Flower Path/Route) is a 36km stretch of mountainous towns located in the countryside of El Salvador, running from Sonsonate in the south to Ahuachapán in the north. This route gets its name from the scenic drive between towns which include colorful blooming flowers! Our base […]