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Bolivia, South America

Top Things to do in La Paz

La Paz is a bustling city located at a nose-bleedingly high altitude of 3,640m. It is incorrectly referred to as ‘the highest capital city in the world’, as it isn’t the capital – Sucre is. Despite the fact that it doesn’t hold the title, there are no doubts that La […]

Peru, South America

The Ultimate Guide to the Salkantay Trek

The Salkantay Trek is a 74km trek that will take you from the historical former Incan capital of Cusco to the breathtakingly beautiful Machu Picchu. There are many, many different options for tourists to consider for getting to Machu Picchu. This travel guide will aim to cover why you should […]


Top Things to do in Waterford

Waterford is located in the southeast of Ireland and is famous for being the oldest city in the country, as well as its crystal ware – Waterford Crystal. Founded it 914A.D. it has an entertaining history including the Vikings and the Normans. Waterford is also part of ‘Irelands Ancient East’ and ‘The Sunny South East’ which […]


Hiking the Santa Cruz Trek

The Santa Cruz Trek is a popular 4 day trek through the Cordillera Blanca mountain range, close to Huaraz in Northern Peru. The Cordillera Blanca is one of the most concentrated collection of sky touching mountains in all the world, with 33 summits reaching 5,400 meters or over. This trek […]


Laguna 69 Travel Guide: What you need to know

Laguna 69 is the most famous day trip hike from Huaraz, Peru (and arguably one of the most famous in all of Peru). It is a beautiful lake surrounded on all sides by snow capped mountains and makes for a perfect photo opportunity. The hike to the lake is technically […]


One stop guide for hiking the Cocora Valley

A perfect day trip from Filandia or Salento is a hike through Cocora Valley. This is an amazing valley with lush greenery, stark mountains and the world’s tallest palm trees. The wax palms can sometimes reach a staggering 60 meters in height and are also Colombia ‘s national tree. Here […]


El Camino Real – Barichara to Guane

One of the main reasons we came to San Gil was due to its close proximity to Barichara and the famous┬áCamino Real. The Camino Real is a lovely 10km hike from Barichara to Guane, following a pre-colombian road that was rebuilt in the 1860’s. Barichara Cathedral To get to Barichara […]

El Salvador

Hiking Santa Ana Volcano

Santa Ana is El Salvador’s second largest city and these days it attracts quite a few tourists. The reason for the hike in tourism is due to it’s accessibility to the aptly named Santa Ana Volcano. The top of the volcano! The Santa Ana Volcano is El Salvador’s highest (2400m) […]