Laguna Paron is the largest lake in the Cordillera Blanca mountain range, located in Northern Peru. It sits at an impressive 4,200 meters and is located about 100km from Huaraz, the tourist capital of the region. It was not on our wish list before we came to Huaraz (of course Laguna 69 was), but when we saw pictures in a travel agency we just had to visit it! The turquoise blue water (due to high concentrations of dissolved lime) called out to us immediately, and we felt it would be a good day trip to start with as it isn’t a challenging hike to get there! Below is some information about our day trip to this amazing lake.

Laguna Paron - The Ultimate Day Trip Guide

The views from the bus on the way to the lake.

How to get to Laguna Paron

We booked our trip to Laguna Paron with the company Andean Summit, located in Huaraz. The trip cost us 50 soles per person (~€13) and was one of our highlights of Peru.

Laguna Paron - The Ultimate Day Trip Guide

You will stop on the way for this viewpoint of the Cordillera Blanca’s highest point – Nevado Huascarán (6,746 m)

To get to the lake we were picked up by the tour company at our hostel at 8.30am. From here it was a 3.5 hour bus journey to the lake. We stopped in the town of Carhuaz and got some ice cream, which broke the journey up a little bit.

The church in the small town of Carhuaz

Laguna Paron

We had to pay an entrance fee of 5 soles per person (~€1) before arriving at Laguna Paron. We have never seen a landscape like it! A beautiful turquoise blue lake surrounding by numerous white snow capped mountains – amazing!

Laguna Paron - The Ultimate Day Trip Guide

A first look at the lake

Laguna Paron - The Ultimate Day Trip Guide

Fun fact – this snow covered mountain is rumoured to be the mountain that Paramount uses in their logo

You have the opportunity to hike about 200m up to a viewpoint of the lake also. The trail is quite steep at first and then when it evens out there are alot of unsteady rocks which you need to climb over. Eventually you can see the lake and grab a nice quite spot to take some pictures and enjoy its beauty.

Laguna Paron - The Ultimate Day Trip Guide

The hike to the mirador is ROCKY!

It is also possible to rent some kayaks on the lake (30 soles per hour). We skipped this as the view alone is just so amazing from the viewpoint that we are not sure if it would be as good from the actual lake itself! We only had about 2 hours at the lake, which was not much time to explore everything – so have this in mind when you arrive!

Laguna Paron - The Ultimate Day Trip Guide

The most incredible view

Laguna Paron - The Ultimate Day Trip Guide

The colour – wow!

We then had to hop on the bus for another 3.5 hours bus trip back to Huaraz. This was the definitely the worst part about the trip – so much time on the bus compared to off it, but it was definitely worth the effort!

Laguna Paron - The Ultimate Day Trip Guide

7 hours on a bus was worth it for this!

Our Tips

  • First off, if you are in Huaraz then do this day trip! We know people who skipped and we don’t know why. It isn’t a challenging hike like Laguna 69 but in our opinion it was much prettier (and less tourists).
  • Less tourists than Laguna 69 but there was still quite alot of people! Keep walking along the mirador trail and find a nice quiet place for yourself – it is possible!
  • There is a trail that goes left from where the bus drops you. We unfortunately did not have the time to explore all of it but it could be a different angle to view the lake from!

Laguna Paron - The Ultimate Day Trip Guide

The Andes mountain range is so beautiful

  • Take your picture of the entire lake when you arrive! The sun goes behind one of the mountains pretty quickly and so casts a shadow over the first part of the lake. It doesn’t have the same colour when this happens so act quick!

Laguna Paron - The Ultimate Day Trip Guide

The shadow when it falls on the lake

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[…] Honestly, it wasn’t on our list before we visited Huaraz. Now it is the one thing we tell people to do when visiting the region. We were discussing some day trips with a travel agency in town and saw pictures of this beautiful lake and booked to go there for the next day. A crazy colored lake surrounded by snow capped mountains (including the “Paramount” mountain) – incredible. We wrote a more detailed blog on Laguna Paron here! […]


Hi wonderful pictures!!
I’m planning a trip for june but I’m not sure if I’m taking a flight from Lima to Huaraz or to rent a car or even take the bus what do you suggest? I’ve heard the roads are a bit dangerous…