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Isabela Island Galapagos Budget Guide and Tips

Glistening water, intrigued seals and swimming penguins welcomed us to Isabela island. We were instantly in love. The famous seahorse shaped island is the largest of all Galapagos isles with thanks to the 6 volcanos that call it home. Puerto Villamil is the small port village and tourist hub located […]


San Cristóbal Galapagos Ultimate Budget Guide

Our first introduction to the Galapagos islands was San Cristóbal and it was an unbeatable introduction! Swimming with marine turtles on a secluded beach, gazing at sea lions lounging about the marina and beaches, and spotting red and blue footed boobies. First up, it’s totally worth the money and secondly, […]


Galapagos Islands on a Budget – Overview & Tips

The Galapagos Islands are on the bucket list of most travelers who visit South America. The sad truth is however that most backpacker’s simply cannot afford to visit the islands that Charles Darwin made famous. We struggled with this dilemma for many months; do we or don’t we visit the […]


Santa Cruz Galapagos Budget Guide and Tips

Santa Cruz is the most populated and second largest of the Galapagos islands. It has a very different vibe to the islands of San Cristóbal and Isabela. It is more built up with lots of restaurants that cater from the basic to the more luxurious needs. We didn’t see much […]


Baños – Ecuador’s Adventure Capital

Baños de Agua Santa or Baños for short is known as the Gateway to the Amazon as it is the last biggish city before the jungle. It also has the reputation for being Ecuador’s adventure capital. Situated about 4 hours from Quito and on the base of Tungurahua volcano, there […]


Getting high on Cotapaxi

Cotopaxi is the second highest volcano in Ecuador at 5897m. It is a pretty active volcano with the last eruption occurring in August 2015 but lasting until January 2016. If you are lucky you may see it’s snow capped peak which is often the inspiration for many Ecuadorian artists. A […]


Mindo – Ecuadors Cloud Forest

Mindo is situated in the heart of the Mindo-Nambillo cloud forest, about two hours bus journey from Quito. It is a small town surrounding by  lush vegetation making it the perfect escape from the busting city and into nature. With over 500 different bird species, it is a great spot […]


Top things to do in Quito

Quito the capital of Ecuador is a narrow but long city nestled in between the Andean mountains. The length of the city can make transversing it slightly difficult and some times uncomfortable but its doable. There are enough things to do in Quito to keep you entertained for at least […]


Otavalo Travel Guide- More than just a market

Otavalo is an Andean town surrounded by volcanoes and located in the north of Ecuador. Famous in the guidebooks for it’s traditional market, we soon found that there is so much more to do there. It was our first stop in Ecuador, and after a couple of tough days crossing […]

Colombia, Ecuador

Crossing the Colombia – Ecuador border

A quick Google search for information regarding crossing the border from Colombia to Ecuador throws up alot of information and blogs talking about the relative ease in which people have crossed it. One even described it as “the easiest border to navigate in South America”. The thing is it’s changed. […]


Ultimate Guide to San Agustin

San Agustin, a small town located in the department of Huila, was one of our last stops in Colombia. It is surrounded by rolling hills and mountains. The land is covered with patchwork farms growing coffee, maize, plantain and a multiple of other vegetables. There seems to be even more […]