Filandia is located in the Quindío department and is approximately an hour away from the cities of Pereria and Armenia. It is surrounded by lush green hills and beautiful landscapes with thanks to the views of the Cordillera Central of the Andes mountain in the distance. This, along with the contrasting yet attractive picturesque buildings, makes Filandia so damn alluring. Keep reading to find out our top 5 things to do in Filandia.

Typical Filandia architecture

My heart belongs to Filandia, why?! Its simple and in three words, peaceful, friendly and colourful. My new dream is to own a finca here and live off the farm and it’s coffee!! Maybe it’s because it’s not over-run with tourists, and so feels like it’s off the tourist trail with the town very much retaining its authenticity and culture. I hope the town doesn’t change and tourists keep going to Salento instead!

We stayed four nights in Bideas hostel in April 2018. Internet wasn’t great and the floor boards in the dorm room made for noisy nights but the staff were friendly. We met up with Yasmin again and caught up through laughter before she was home-ward bound.

Top 5 things to do in Filandia

1. Drink Coffee in Café Landscape

When in the coffee region sampling one of Colombia’s most important export should be top of the list. Our top pick for tasting coffee is Café Landscape. It opens after 4pm, is located at a cul del sac and feels like a hidden gem as it’s a good walk away from the main park. It overlooks beautiful hills and is a nice place to watch the skies change colour after the sunset. The chocolate cake here is amazing, we savored every bite. It is located beside Molino de los Vientos on calle 4.

Cake and a view – Cafe Landscape

Nice sunsets

2. Visit a coffee farm

We visited Finca Carriel as it was recommended by a friend of a friend. We organised it through Colina de Lluvia hostel (who also have a great book of recommendations of Things To Do). It costs 35,000 COP per person. The ride out to the finca on the Willys, yes you read that right – its a jeep, was less than 3,000 COP each and a whole heap of fun. We met the cutest and nicest family, Ignacio and Amelia, who showed us the coffee process. It was really hands on, from picking the coffee beans, grinding, cleaning, blowing, roasting and grinding again until we had the sought-after brown powder. We had such a laugh while enjoying our hand-made coffee.

Picking Coffee Beans

Ignacio grinding some beans

Amelia made us coffee to start and after picking the seeds handed us a cold coffee drink, it was delicious. I wish I had asked her how she made it. I had a coffee high from drinking my own coffee and also Yasmins! The tour was all through Spanish but it’s easy to understand. We also got to wear the traditional coffee picking garments and basket which added to our amusement. Totally looked the part! We definitely recommend this tour.

Here we are with our new friends

3. Mirador de Filandia

You may spot an unusual looking structure in the distance, that’s the Mirador. It cost 8,000 COP to enter and provides 360° panoramic views over the surrounding countryside. It’s opening hours are 9 am until 6pm, which is a pity as it would be amazing to watch the sunset from here. There are descriptions on each level to tell you what you are looking at, which is nice. There is a small café where you can sit and ponder while admiring the views. Be sure to check out the butterfly pond. Go on a clear day to make the most of the views.

The Mirador can be seen throughout Filandia

View of the butterfly pond from the top

4. Relax and enjoy the bright colourful surroundings

Filandia is a small town so it is easy to walk around and admire the quaint houses and buildings. There are lots of different artisanal shops (calle 7), and cafés to keep you entertained. Make sure to get an orange juice at one of the stalls in the park and chill out whilst admiring the church. It’s a very striking church which looks like something out of a fairy tale. Have your camera ready as this town is as picture perfect as it gets.

The pretty church

Colourful building are everywhere in Filandia

5. Helena Adentro

After hiking Cocora Valley we felt like we deserved a treat, and a treat is what we got in Helena Adrentro. The food was delicious and well worth the splurge. It was approx. 25,000 COP per meal. The flavours were probably the best we’ve come across in Colombia. Alan sampled the trout and I went with the nachos. Alan nearly went as far as licking the plate. Our only regret was not going back again but we live a budgeted life now!!

Enjoying a treat at Helena Adentro

Other things to do in Filandia

  • Swim in Rio Ramblas to cool down or enjoy some swim time with the locals.
  • Visit Doble Cadcadas, two waterfalls in the countryside.
  • Visit howlers lane where you might spot some monkeys.
  • Go to Finca Mirador for coffee with a view.
  • If you have energy to burn try the Camina a Quimbaya trial a 15km walk \ cycle (one way) through the countryside. Check with your hostel on safety before-hand.

Just one more Cafe Landscape sunset

Things to do outside / near Filandia

  • Hike the amazing Cocora Valley. Want to learn more click here for our one stop guide for hiking the Cocora Valley.
  • Take a day trip to the equally pretty town of Salento.

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