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Ultimate Guide to San Agustin

San Agustin, a small town located in the department of Huila, was one of our last stops in Colombia. It is surrounded by rolling hills and mountains. The land is covered with patchwork farms growing coffee, maize, plantain and a multiple of other vegetables. There seems to be even more […]


Top 5 things to do in Popayán

Popayán, also known as La Ciudad Blanca or the white city, is a pretty colonial city painted, you guessed it, white. It is also one of the UNESCO creative cities of Gastronomy so what’s not to like!? Our first introduction to Popayán was a quick scramble around the white streets looking […]


Top 5 things to do in Filandia

Filandia is located in the Quindío department and is approximately an hour away from the cities of Pereria and Armenia. It is surrounded by lush green hills and beautiful landscapes with thanks to the views of the Cordillera Central of the Andes mountain in the distance. This, along with the […]


One stop guide for hiking the Cocora Valley

A perfect day trip from Filandia or Salento is a hike through Cocora Valley. This is an amazing valley with lush greenery, stark mountains and the world’s tallest palm trees. The wax palms can sometimes reach a staggering 60 meters in height and are also Colombia ‘s national tree. Here […]


One full day in Villa de Leyva

The journey to Villa de Leyva from San Gil through the misty valleys was unforgettable. It felt as if we were transported back in time as we disembarked from the bus, probably due to the white washed buildings, cobblestones and the light fog that was hanging in the air. With […]


Medellín – The City of Eternal Spring!

The first thing that greeted us in Medellín was rain, which was such a change from life on the Carribean coast for the last number of weeks. I’d nearly go as far and say it was a welcome change from the heat! Medellín is known as the City of the Eternal Spring, […]


Guatapé – Colour Personified

We went to Guatapé on a day trip from Medellín and it has become one of the favourite villages we have visited. You can only feel happy when walking through the colourful streets admiring the facades of buildings covered in bright colours and images. Many of which allude to what service […]


Cartagena Travel Blog

Cartagena is a romantic, fairly-tale like city along the Carribean coast which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its colonial walled city and fortress. It has the feel of a more up-market type of city and there are tourists everywhere but for good reason, it is a magical […]


San Juan del Sur – Is it Love or Hate?!

Our last stop in Nicaragua was San Juan del Sur. Some may know it for Sunday Funday others a base to go surfing or beach hopping but we didn’t really rate this place. It for us is a town where tourism has happened with a negative impact. If you walk […]


Granada – A beautiful colonial city

Granada captured our hearts quiet easily on arrival with its colourful facades and ease of finding somewhere to eat. Yes, this does become very high on requirements when dealing with hanger and sun! It really is a beautiful, picturesque, colonial city which keeps you enthralled. There are a good few […]


Our top things to do in León

León is a city that gets on with life with or without you which is why we really liked it. There are lots of tourists but the city retains its authenticity. It gets really hot here so use it as an excuse to get a smoothie or two. We did […]

Central America, Guatemala

Our 6 week adventure in Guatemala!

We spent 6 wonderful weeks in Guatemala in Nov\Dec 2017. The culture, colour and friendliness we experienced made Guatemala one of our favourite places to visit. There is much poverty in the area but yet the people seem happy and are very welcoming. Yes you may get scammed, 65Q for […]